Balcony Construction in Hampshire

Balcony Construction in Hampshire

Do you feel like your property could benefit from a new balcony? If you’ve said yes, give MPR Metal Design a call now as we provide a complete balcony construction in Hampshire service. Whatever style you’re after, we are sure to have you covered with a range of choices to suit all budgets. Treat yourself today and join the hundreds of happy customers who’ve chosen our Hampshire balcony construction company.

The best choice for balcony construction Hampshire has seenBalcony Construction in Hampshire

Whether you’re expanding the dining area of a restaurant or the space within your private residence, a balcony is the most versatile solution around. At MPR Metal Design, we supply affordable balcony construction in Hampshire that delivers premium results. Bring style and sophistication to your life with balconies that will effortlessly complement the exterior appearance of your property.

To learn more about the stainless steel, glass only and Juliette options supplied by our balcony construction Hampshire team, read on below.

What can our Hampshire balcony construction company do for you?

At MPR Metal Design, we provide three choices in our balcony range. These come in a wide array of options, and each one can be customised by our team. To help you decide which is best for your balcony construction in Hampshire, just consult with our experts who will be happy to help.

Stainless Steel

If you’re looking for simplicity, you won’t be disappointed with our stainless steel option. This timeless classic looks great on any property and will afford you with years of reliable service. You might think that stainless steel is boring and dull, but our balcony construction Hampshire experts incorporate other materials to make it visually stunning.

The beauty of stainless steel balcony construction in Hampshire is that the material won’t corrode and can stand up to even severe weather conditions. This makes it ideally suited for properties in all locations – even those right on the sea front!

Glass Only

Don’t like the idea of a steel frame blocking your view? Not a problem, as our glass only Hampshire balcony construction provides the same quality as our stainless steel balconies as well as seamless views of the surrounding area. As well as this, glass only balconies allow for increased light uptake making your rooms feel light and airy while giving the illusion of extra space.

Best of all, our glass only balcony construction in Hampshire will supply you with a product that is easy to keep clean. Our glass balconies are a popular choice among our customers as they afford you with several key benefits including:

  • Selection of colours, textures and framing options
  • Exceptional durability
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Strong and secure – ideal for keeping children safe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Modern and clean looking


At MPR Metal Design, we supply our Juliette option for those who either prefer a more minimalist design or own a property that cannot support a full-sized balcony. Despite being smaller, a Juliette is by no means inferior – especially when it’s installed by the finest supplier of balcony construction Hampshire has to offer.

A Juliette will provide unhindered views thanks to the installation of glass panels, and its small profile makes maintaining it a breeze. As well as serving as an exterior design choice, Juliette balconies are also a popular choice for those looking for interior and exterior guardrails. With a wide selection of design choices available, no other company beats us for balcony construction in Hampshire!

If you would like more information regarding our Hampshire balcony construction services, drop us a message as we are more than happy to assist.

What are the benefits of a balcony?Balcony Construction in Hampshire

At MPR Metal Design, we’d like to share with you the great benefits of choosing our balcony construction Hampshire team to install a balcony on your property.

Increase in property value

Whether you’re planning to sell now or at some point in the future, finding ways to increase your property’s value is definitely worth considering. The addition of a balcony brings with it a whole new dynamic. Not only does it increase space and provide extra functionality but it also increases the visual appeal of the building itself.

Additional space

As mentioned above, a balcony is a great way to add much-needed space to any property. If you lack a garden, for instance, having a balcony will offer you a place to relax and unwind with a good book or entertain friends with a delicious barbeque. With your new balcony installed, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

Great place to unwind

After a hard week of work, it’s nice to have somewhere peaceful to kick back and enjoy a little ‘me’ time. The beauty of our Hampshire balcony construction is that it affords you the luxury of a little sanctuary away from the world. Best of all, you won’t have to stay cooped inside and will instead be free to enjoy the calming breeze while you snooze the afternoon away.

Added privacy

If placed above ground level, balconies are a fantastic way of ensuring your privacy, especially if you choose faded or distorted glass. Whereas a garden is open to prying eyes, your balcony will provide you with seclusion, so you’re free from distractions – perfect for when you need to catch up with a bit of extra work.

Option for a garden

An issue that is becoming more and more common among newer properties is the lack of a private garden. If you’re itching to put your green thumb to work, one of our fantastic balconies is the way forward. You’ll have enough space to grow all your potted and hanging plants and, best of all, your flowers will be protected from the neighbour’s cats.

Why choose MPR Metal Design to provide your balcony construction in Hampshire?

As the most reliable choice for balcony construction Hampshire has experienced, MPR Metal Design are at the forefront of supplying ground-breaking quality. From domestic homeowners to Formula 1 racing teams, our consistency and affordability make us the number one choice for customers across the UK.

Whether you require on-site steel welding services, fabrication, machine punching or metal polishing, you’ll find that our team always delivers on time and in full. Each member of our team has been fully trained and certified and is adept at providing Hampshire balcony construction that is of the utmost quality. At MPR Metal Design, we aim to be the best, and there are many benefits to choosing our company which include:

  • Full public liability insurance (£1 million pounds)
  • Repairs that blend in seamlessly
  • Custom designed products
  • Trusted Tradesmen
  • Prompt and reliable
  • Honest and impartial advice

“We are very pleased with the work MPR Metal Design has completed to date… We recommend you consider this company for any metal work you are considering.”

David Roberts, Roberts Builders


So, what are you waiting for? To experience the best balcony construction in Hampshire, call MPR Metal Design today on 01202 280813.