Balcony fitter in Christchurch

Are you searching for the best balcony fitter in Christchurch? Let MPR Metal Design roll off your lips as we are the first choice for balcony fitting and installation in the local area. With many years of experience and access to superb materials, the quality of our balconies is second-to-none. Call us today for your competitive quote.

An excellent Christchurch balcony fitter serviceBalcony fitter in Christchurch

Great balconies that are unique to your property can add value and will open up the view of your property. Our balcony fitter in Christchurch company has the experience and ability to construct the following types of balconies for our customers:

Stainless steel balconies

As the leading balcony fitter Christchurch has to offer, we install stainless steel balconies for our clients. Steel balconies are a wise investment as they are a long-lasting product that will stand the test of time. All of our designs will be tailored to your requirements and will be built in a style that is timeless.

Steel is ideal for use in balconies as it does not corrode and it is relatively low-maintenance in comparison to other materials. A stainless steel balcony from our company will be able to resist adverse weather conditions.

Repairs are simple and cheap with stainless steel due to the abundance of the material. Our stainless steel balconies are ideal for those of you who are eco-conscious as the material can be reused after construction.

Glass only balconies

Glass balconies are one of the most aesthetically pleasing balconies that our Christchurch balcony fitter can create for your property. It will provide your property with uninterrupted views over your surroundings. Our glass balconies will enable to light to enter the designated area which will make it more light and airy.

A glass balcony can also give an illusion of a bigger room. It is also very easy to maintain and the balcony will not erode should the maintenance be regular. Our balcony fitter Christchurch team will craft every balcony so that it blends into your building. Similar to stainless steel balconies, all materials used in the glass balcony are recyclable.

Juliette balconies

Juliette balconies are ideal for property owners that want a low-maintenance balcony without the hassle of maintenance. The purpose of this balcony is to act as a guard rail for large windows. It will add a contemporary look to your building. We will customise every Juliette balcony so that it matches your building.

Reasons to choose MPR Metal Design

With many options to choose from when you search for a balcony fitter in Christchurch, it can be difficult knowing which company to choose. To make your decision that little bit easier, we have listed some of the reasons why MPR Metal Design should be your first choice below:

  • Years of experience
  • Trustworthy and reliable
  • Years of experience
  • Work to strict Health and Safety
  • We have Public Liability Insurance up to £1 million pounds
  • All balconies are bespoke


Don’t take our word for it, visit our gallery to see examples of our Christchurch balcony fitter service.


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