Dorset Balcony Design

Are you thinking about adding a balcony to your home in Dorset? Balcony design from the experts at MPR Metal Designs Ltd will be bespoke to your style and the aesthetics of your home. For a reliable service, outstanding results, and trusted tradesmen, you need look no further. Call us today on 01202 280813 or 07855 762 412 to find out more.

Your Available Options with Balcony Design in Dorset

When you are looking into balconies for your home, you may at first be daunted by the sheer amount of options available. However, if you reach out to MPR Metal Designs Ltd for balcony design, Dorset clients will find we make the process as simple as possible. We can provide custom designs based on your specifications and are able to take on budgets of all sizes.

When you come to us about your property in Dorset, balcony design can utilise a range of styles. We can design and manufacture balconies in styles including:

Standard Stainless Steel Balcony Design Dorset Clients Will Love

When it comes to quality and value for money, standard stainless steel Dorset Balcony Designbalconies are second to none. This style is perfect for those who wish to add a simplistic yet aesthetically dramatic touch to their home. The longevity of stainless steel is also second to none as the style is timeless and will last for decades.

With this material for your balcony, it won’t wear away or corrode easily and, if anything happens, it’s simple and cheap to repair. It requires very low maintenance as it is highly resistant to adverse weather conditions. Plus, for those concerned about the environment, stainless steel is a well-known recycling material, so it can be reused.

At MPR Metal Designs Ltd, we can provide a balcony design in Dorset that fully utilises all the benefits of stainless steel balconies.

Glass Only Balconies

Another type of balcony that we offer is glass only balconies. Balcony Design in DorsetOver time these have become highly popular due to the versatility of the materials used in the process. One great benefit from using glass is that it gives you an unobtrusive view of the surrounding scenery. They also allow light to penetrate the room with ease, creating a space that’s light and airy with the illusion of being larger than it is.

As with stainless steel, glass is very easy to maintain. It’s a waterproof material so your balcony won’t appear weathered or eroded; you need simply clean the glass regularly. Another great benefit to glass is that it will seamlessly blend into any surroundings.

Juliette Balconies

If a glass or stainless steel balcony doesn’t Balcony Design Dorsetappeal to you in Dorset, balcony design can be offered in a range of Juliette style balconies. These are great for homes with a scenic view and they are also easy to clean and maintain. Juliette balconies add a great contemporary look to your home, and we can design one bespoke to your tastes.


When you hear balustrades, you most likely think of handrails on a set of stairs. While this is their main use, you may be surprised to hear that they can also be used to create balconies. Our range extends from the basic low cost galvanised steel to prestigious stainless steel and decorative glass. We offer many quality finishes and our balusters and infill panels can be enhanced to your liking.

Choose Us for a Dorset Balcony Design that Enhances Your Home

MPR Metal Designs Ltd, an established and reputable metal work fabrication company, are the only call you need to make for balcony design in Dorset. We are proficient in creating custom designs for our clients, using your tastes and specifications. Able to meet all budgets and with consistent on-time delivery, we’re sure to be able to help you.

We believe in quality, which is why we always work to the highest of industry standards. You will find that our steel welding is finished without visible joints, providing the most aesthetically pleasing balconies. Plus, when you come to us in Dorset, balcony design and other services are covered by Public Liability Insurance to £1million.

At MPR Metal Designs Ltd, we are committed to working in the safest manner possible. As such, we adhere to strict building regulations such as Health and Safety Standards. When it comes to balcony design, Dorset customers will be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive and reliable service.

So, if you are looking for bespoke fabrication work in Dorset, balcony design included, we can help. We will get you the product you desire, when you need it, and for a price that suits your budget.

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