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Are you looking for experienced and skilful balcony fabricators and fitters in Dorset? Well, look no further than MPR Metal Designs Ltd. We boast a team of experts who can custom design balconies that meet your preferences and specifications. Our team are well versed in working with a range of materials, so rest assured that whatever option you go for, your new balcony will be of the highest quality. Call 01202 280813 today to discuss your project with us. 

Specialist Balcony Fitters Dorset

Unlike other companies, you will be receiving a full and comprehensive service from our balcony experts. Not only do we provide excellent installation services, but we also design and fabricate balconies based on the bespoke requirements clients set out. Once the design is finalised, we will arrange a suitable time to visit your property and fit your new balcony. 

Our Dorset Balcony Fitters Services 

As mentioned, we work with a range of different materials to create visually stunning and long-lasting balconies for clients from various sectors. Many domestic clients come to us to design and fit a bespoke balcony for their property, while many commercial clients also utilise our skills. No balcony project is too small or too large for us to take on. Below, we have outlined the different types of balconies that we can fabricate. 

Glass Only Balconies

A glass only balcony adds an aesthetic appeal instantly, and from the fabrication point of view, it is very versatile. When enlisting our services, we can design your new balcony to include various fixing options. Keep in mind that we are not restricted by size, allowing us to entirely tailor-make your balcony. 

Juliette Balconies

For clients requiring a balcony that is not for use, so to speak, as in there is no space to step out on to, then Juliette balconies are ideal. They are included as part of our product catalogue and they act as a balustrade or guard rail to protect a full height opening. Their main purpose is protection, but we can also ensure the design is visually appealing. 

Stainless Steel Balconies

Stainless steel balconies are a popular choice due to their quality and value for money. This type of balcony provides a practical presence and can also be very aesthetically pleasing. Whether you want a commanding feature or a simple design for your new balcony, we can make it happen. 

Rest assured that whichever style of balcony you choose, our team will be able to create something that fits well within your budget. 

Why Choose Our Dorset Balcony Fitter Services?

MPR Metal Designs Ltd is known across the UK as a company that specialises in metal work fabrication. Due to our ability to create custom designs from client specifications, we have built a stellar reputation. Our experts can fabricate gateshandrails and balustrades, but we are widely known for our balcony services. 

From glass only and Juliette to stainless steel, we have the skill to design and build balconies for domestic and commercial clients. Our company boasts impressive facilities that include folding and pressing, and we also use a punching machine at our industrial unit. Not only that, but we also sub contract steel welding services on-site, and provide metal polishing. 

Balcony Constructions in Hampshire-min

Our clientele is wide-ranging and includes projects completed for a Formula 1 team and national building firm. If you are considering us for a new balcony, then consider the views of our many satisfied customers. Via our testimonials page, you can read first-hand accounts from clients who have enlisted our services. You will swiftly realise that there is no better company to turn to for a bespoke balcony. 

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There is no doubt that we should be your number one choice for bespoke balconies due to our impressive skill and high level of expertise. Here at MPR Metal Designs Ltd, we boast some of the best professionals in the business, guaranteeing quality across the board. If you are looking for an experienced team to design and fabricate a balcony for your premises in Dorset, then get in touch. Call us on 01202 280813 or send an email to