Dorset Gates

Homeowners looking to upgrade their property will already know that Dorset gates come in all shapes and sizes. Regardless of which type of product you need, MPR Metal Designs has the capabilities to supply it for you. Get the ball rolling on your project today by calling our friendly team on 01202 280 813.

Our Selection of Gates in Dorset

Here at MPR Metal Designs, we specialise in unique bespoke fences andgates Dorset customers have come to know and love. We will fabricate original designs that are specific to your vision as we understand that no two requirements are ever the same. The final result will perfectly complement your home or business premises.

From traditional garden gates to large scale imposing driveway entrances and everything else in between, MPR Metal Designs is here to be your one stop shop for Dorset gates. You will always get a durable, quality product with a perfect finish.

At MPR Metal Designs, we’re confident that we can overcome even the most complicated technical specifications. We will also install your new Dorset gates ourselves to ensure that everything is perfectly fitted.

Our dedicated team will use modern technology to fabricate ornate designs that will be practical as well as visually attractive. There are also many great additional options available, including remote control technology for easy use.


Types of Gates

As mentioned, all of our projects are bespoke when it comes to client requests in Dorset. Gates can come in various shapes, sizes, and materials. While the predominant purpose of a gate stays the same, the designs can vary. It is important to note that there are certain types of gates that are better suited to their surroundings. Below, we have outlined the most common kinds of gates used.


Driveway Gates

In general, driveway gates, Dorset residents, are designed and fabricated as double gates. This means that there are two panels that can be locked and unlocked centrally to provide safe entry and exit for vehicles. The sizing of these gates varies depending on the exterior of the property itself, but they are commonly 3-4ft in height and start at 7ft in width. However, as part of our bespoke service, we can tailor them to your required size.

By coming to our team here at MPR Metal Designs, we can build you gates in Dorset that are fully automated. Thanks to the modern technology that we have at our disposal, we can fabricate driveway gates that open via sensor or a touch of a button.


Garden Gates

Garden gates provide another point of entry for homeowners who want to access the property via the garden. They are also ideal for multiple flat owners or renters who have access to an outdoor space on the building’s premises. Our team are experienced in designing and fabricating high quality Dorset gates, using premium metals. Generally, garden gates are designed as a single leaf configuration and they can incorporate additional design elements should you choose to have them.

The main purpose of these gates, Dorset residents, is to provide an additional entry point to residents and also to outline the boundaries of your property.


Side Gates

For additional security, you may want to consider having a side gate installed on your property. These types of gates in Dorset go a long way in deterring potential intruders, particularly if they are built with plenty of height. Our experts can design a single leaf side gate wherever you have a suitable support structure. Depending on the walls either side, we can fabricate a wall that reaches up to 6ft tall.

It is entirely up to you what sort of style you would like your new Dorset gates to be. Aesthetics is important, so feel free to have an open discussion with our experts. If you are unsure about what design would work well, then ask for our advice. We are more than happy to help!


Estate Gates

For those of you who own larger homes or run an estate, then you may want to consider implementing grand estate gates. They are similar to driveway gates, Dorset clients, but they are much more grand and provide a higher level of security. With the help of our team, we can design an imposing gate that reflects the style and presence of your building.


With a range of materials available, our team can manufacture gates that meet your design preferences. Not only that, but we can install locks that will keep your gates in Dorset secure without appearing bulky and unsightly.


What Other Styles Are Available?

One of the great things about coming to MPR Metal Designs is that the options are endless. By offering a tailored service, we can design and fabricate truly unique structures in Dorset. Gates are the first feature that will be seen when someone approaches your premises. So, it is important to make sure that it has the right mixture of aesthetic appeal and security.

In terms of style and function, you may want to consider the following:

  • Swing Gates
  • Sliding Gates
  • Tandem Gates
  • Cantilever Gates

Gallery of High Quality Gates Dorset Properties Need

Check out our virtual gallery to see some of the Dorset gates we have supplied and fitted to the delight of our customers in the past.

Reasons to Buy Your Dorset Gates from MPR Metal Designs

Our established metalwork fabrication company is highly proficient at creating unique designs from client specifications. We will always deliver on time across the UK and can take on budgets of all sizes.

In the past, we have completed projects for a major national building firm among many other successful undertakings. We were also enlisted for stainless steel fabrication for a wind tunnel alongside a Formula 1 team.

You can be assured knowing that our dedicated team will adhere to all industry regulations. Once the gates are done, we will install them quickly and efficiently at a time that’s suitable to you. We will always work swiftly while paying your property the utmost respect.

What Our Customers Say about Our Dorset Gates

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