We specialise in unique bespoke gates and fences, fabricating original designs specific to your vision or taking inspiration from you to build a one-off work of art that complements your home or business. MPR Metal Designs Ltd combines knowledge of metalwork, architecture and mechanical engineering to produce bespoke gates in all shapes and sizes. We use a variety of different materials which include stainless steel, mild steel, brass and any other materials where applicable.

Fabrication and Installation

From garden gates to imposing driveway entrances, stainless steel gates to craftsman-worked fencing, we guarantee a seamless installation. All MPR Metal Designs Ltd gates have a perfect finish and durable quality that’s second to none. When the design, materials and finish have been determined the production of your bespoke gate will commence resulting in certain swift lead time and a complete product that will fit your requirements precisely.


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Modern Designs of Bespoke Gates

We can overcome even the most complicated technical specifications. These range from small straight handrails to large helical and spiral handrails. To ensure a perfect installation we will only use the best machines and materials to achieve this.

Driveways, Security Access and More

MPR Metal Design will only use modern technology to fabricate beautifully ornate designs which both fit the practical purpose and are pleasing to the eye. With this technology at our disposal we can create automated bespoke gates which will use new remote control technology to really add that prestigious touch to any home or business.