Glass Only Balconies

Another type of balcony that we offer is glass only balconies which are for people who want to really make their house or business look even more prestigious. At MPR Metal Designs Ltd we are determined to meet any requirement given by our client to get that ideal look which pleases both aesthetically and practically.

We can fabricate glass only balconies, which over time have become second to none due to the versatility of the materials used in the process. One of the many great properties of glass is that it gives the client an unobtrusive view of the scenery surrounding their house or business. Glass balconies will also allow light to penetrate the room with ease to ensure that it is light and airy. The penetrating light will also give the illusion of a larger room.

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Like stainless steel balconies these are very easy to maintain. Glass is a waterproof material and so your balcony will not appear weathered or eroded. You will simply need to clean the glass regularly and it will maintain its prestigious looks. Another great benefit of glass only balconies is that they have the best integration with buildings as they will seamlessly blend into any surroundings.

Glass is another great material, particularly for those concerned with the welfare of the environment, with regards to recycling. The most useful quality of glass is the fact that it can be fabricated in any colour, shape and size and so this greatly helps us in tackling any complex requirements given to us by the client.

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