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Are you looking for the best Hampshire balcony fitter? We don’t mess about when it comes to balconies – we are the experts in designing and constructing a huge range of balconies to suit different homes and buildings.  Our designs are fabricated to stand the test of time and safety is never compromised, even in the most super-stylish of designs. If you have ideas for your own balcony and need a balcony fitter Hampshire to help bring your ideas to life, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01202 280813.

We’re the number one balcony fitter Hampshire has to offer

Hampshire has some views worth building a balcony for, and in the Hampshire Balcony Fitterwarmer months, what can better than sipping your morning cup of tea as you take in the sights and the sounds from your new balcony? At MPR Metal Design, we understand that a balcony creates the perfect transition from inside to outside living, and the design should blend harmoniously with the exterior of your house, in addition to the surrounding scenery.

Working both metal and glass, we can either graft the elements separately or together to create a super stylish design that will blend in seamlessly with your building and the outside environment. Whether it’s a singular project for a private home or larger scale project for a new housing estate, at MPR Metal Design, we’ve spent years perfecting our craft so we can be the number one recommended Hampshire balcony fitter.

What can we offer as the best balcony fitter in Hampshire?

We specialise in designing and fabricating three styles of balcony – stainless steel, glass and Juliette. With each balcony having its benefits and disadvantages, as an honest Hampshire balcony fitter, we’ve given you more information on each of the styles below:

Standard stainless steel

Nothing beats stainless steel for value for money and as a shiny, yet strong, material, it’s hard to beat for looks and safety too.  Stainless steel is well-known to withstand the harshest of weather, and is guaranteed to be an investment that lasts.  Stainless steel balconies are also incredibly low maintenance, with just an easy polish up as when you believe it is required.

While we understand that stainless steel is a common material, our job as a Hampshire balcony fitter is to ensure that the design of your balcony stands out for all the right reasons. You don’t need to resign yourself to the fact that it’s just going to be a platform with some metal railings – we go way beyond that.

As the best balcony fitter Hampshire has seen, we go above and beyond to ensure our customers are happy with their design. We can manipulate the metal in ways you’ve never thought to create subtle effects that are elegant and stylish. We can make your stainless steel balcony as contemporary or as classic as you wish.

Glass-only balconies

Don’t ever be put-off by the word ‘glass’. These days glass balconies are epically strong and provide a safe outlook on which to take in the surrounding magnificent views.  Although typically more expensive than stainless steel balconies, they provide an interrupted outlook and don’t act as a light barrier by blocking sunlight from reaching inside the property. As part of our balcony fitter in Hampshire service, we can also work with a mixture of metal and glass to create an ultra-stylish addition to any style of build.

We’re a talented Hampshire balcony fitter with years of experience designing and fabricating glass balconies of different colours, shapes and sizes.  We can manipulate the glass to make a bespoke design for you and with many different colours and finishes to choose from, you can be sure that your glass balcony will be like no other.

Similar to stainless steel, a glass balcony from our balcony fitter Hampshire team will be low maintenance and will only require a simple glass cleaner should any smudges or marks appear. As an incredibly tough material, a glass balcony can give you joy and satisfaction for years to come.

Juliette balconies

A Juliette balcony from our balcony fitter in Hampshire team is a great way to bring the outside into your property without extending or providing any additional external wall structure.  For the most part, our Juliette balconies are designed as a stylish contemporary barrier to which a set of doors can open out to on a higher floor of your property.  Our talented design team can work with both metal and glass to create a barrier that compliments the external features of your home – including the doors that you have chosen. Juliette balconies are popular in cities and small spaces where there isn’t room outside to extend.

Why should you choose MPR Metal Design?

When you choose to work with MPR Metal Design, we’ll provide you with aHampshire Balcony Fitter Hampshire balcony fitter service like no other. We’ll work with you to choose the perfect material for your design, then design your balcony around your tastes, styles and budget.

We have a team of expert fabricators in house, who’ll be able to get to work on your new balcony straight away, and work with our team of designers to ensure that everything is perfect. We only employ the best metal workers, who have superior welding abilities.

Once the fabrication of your balcony is complete, we have a team of fitters who are qualified to affix your balcony, and will adhere to the strictest health and safety rules and regulations while demonstrating the highest quality workmanship.

When you choose MPR Design as your Hampshire balcony fitter, you will benefit from our:

  • Ability to produce custom design balconies
  • Reliable and impeccable customer service
  • Reputation for satisfied customers
  • Trusted tradesmen

“You never really know who you are hiring for a job. There are always the questions about will he/she show up, do the job like they said they would or cost an arm and a leg. I feel very fortunate to have found MPR. Mathew showed up on time, went above and beyond what he promised, and his years of experience showed time and time again when he put together my steel gate. Mat didn’t even roll his eyes at me when I made all my little changes as we went and surprised me with his detail. MPR are top notch and I would definitely recommend.”

Mrs N Jenkins, Bournemouth


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