Juliette Balconies

If a glass or stainless steel balcony does not appeal to you then at MPR Metal Designs Ltd we can offer you a wide range of Juliette style balconies to suit your style and requirements. These are not only great to look at but they will really help to improve the overall aesthetics of your house or business.

Similar to the glass only balconies this is another great style for people with a great scenic view that their house or business overlooks. They are also great with regards to cleaning and overall maintenance. The reason for their simple maintenance is that there is not much of the balcony itself and what there is will most likely be glass and so this is one benefit over the other styles of balcony.

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Juliette Balconies also adds a great contemporary look to any building or business that they are installed on. Even though this type of balcony is mainly used as a guard rail we have made sure that MPR Metal Designs Ltd will fabricate your ideal balcony. This style of balcony is also now becoming a main part of modern buildings due to its protective guard rails which help stop anyone falling.

We are able to tailor this style of balcony to your requirements as it is fairly simple, yet still uses the appropriate materials to give us enough room for customisation. This balcony also accommodates for recycling as most of the material used is glass.