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Here at MPR Metal Designs, we remain firmly committed to giving customers exactly what they want – quality balconies, balustrades, gates, and handrails at affordable prices. So, it makes sense that we’re the go-to Juliette balcony installer for so many people. A Juliette balcony is an excellent alternative for properties where a full-sized option may not be appropriate or practical.

It exudes the same style and sophistication as steel or glass balconies with one restriction – you cannot step out onto it. This by no means detracts from the excellent benefits of a Juliette balcony installation, benefits that include:

  • Compact Style
  • Cost-Effective
  • Allows in More Light
  • Secures Second-Floor Openings
  • Easy to Keep Clean

You can read more about these benefits below as well as find out more about the service provided by the best Juliette balcony installer around.

A quality Juliette balcony installation.

Everything You Need to Know About Our Juliette Balcony Installation

As stated above, there are several advantages to having a Juliette balcony installed.

Compact Style

Sometimes, less is more. The compact style makes a Juliette better suited to a location where a large external structure may not be practical. It’s suitable for properties that are incapable of supporting a full-sized balcony, plus everything and everyone on it. They are also a great choice for those who simply desire extra light and ventilation without necessarily needing to step out onto something. All-in-all, they are a popular option that our Juliette balcony installer is happy to cater to.


Juliette balconies often end up being cheaper than traditional steel or glass options. First, they can be built with fewer materials. Second, as they don’t protrude out very far, they are often covered under permitted development. Planning permission won’t be necessary, so you won’t have to fork out on hiring an architect. Also, the compact nature means that they can be easily fitted to an existing wall, making them cheap to install for our Juliette balcony company.

Allows in More Light

This is a point that’s often raised with our Juliette balcony installer. Whereas a window will let in only so much light, a Juliette will cater to the installation of a set of doors which, when opened, will let a lot more light into the room. The result is a room that feels brighter and more spacious. And if you pull up a chair, you can enjoy the view, especially if you opt for a glass Juliette option.

Also, in reference to securing second-floor openings, the balconies installed by our Juliette balcony installer serve as balustrades. When the doors are opened, the balcony will prevent anyone from falling and injuring themselves or worse.

Easy to Keep Clean

As one last side note, Juliette balconies, like with steel and glass options, are made from materials which are highly resistant to elemental effects. They’ll withstand even the harshest of conditions that the British weather likes to throw at us. And keeping them clean is as simple as using a damp cloth, and with less area to clean, the time it will take is significantly reduced.

So, now you’ve learned a little more about Juliette installations, it’s now time to read about us, and why we’re the Juliette balcony installer you need to call.

Why Should You Choose Us As Your Juliette Balcony Installer?

As the number one Juliette balcony company, you can count on us as we’re proficient at creating custom designs that exceed our customers’ expectations. No matter the size of the project or budget, we tailor our services to provide a service that fits. Over the years, we at MPR Metal Designs have completed jobs for homeowners, large clients, and everyone in between.

One example was a request we worked on for a reputable Formula 1 team. They had a wind tunnel built which incorporated gates and stainless steel handrails which we were happy to supply.

With every Juliette balcony installation, customers are assured of quality workmanship. We demonstrate unwavering adherence to industry standards and are pleased to offer steel welding that’s entirely seamless. And for those moments where things go wrong, we’re covered by Public Liability Insurance up to £1 million – meaning you’re covered too!

Our services are available UK-wide. So, you too can benefit from the expertise of an established, reputable metalwork fabrication company without spending a fortune.

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