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Do you wish to invest in a stunning balcony for your property and have been searching for a professional Ringwood balcony company to assist? If so, you need look no further than MPR Metal Design. Call us today on 01202 280813 to speak to a member of our team and find out more.

Our Balcony Company in Ringwood

Here at MPR Metal Design, we are the premier Ringwood balcony company, boasting years of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Our expert team can design and install stunning bespoke balconies for all clients, achieving the highest standard of finish on every project.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to investing in a stunning new balcony for your property, you need to hire the experts, and that’s exactly what we are at MPR Metal Design. Our expert team have the knowledge, experience, and skill to design and install a variety of balconies for our clients, working to your exact requirements.

We offer custom designed balconies, reliable service, and boast a team of trusted tradesmen. We can take on balcony projects of all sizes and budgets and achieve a high level of finish every time.

Balconies We Offer at MPR

Here at MPR Metal Design, we pride ourselves on the versatility of our expert team of tradesmen. When you come to us for balconies, you can trust that we are a Ringwood balcony company that can provide a range of options. We work to your requirements and can offer a variety of balcony designs, including:





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    Standard Stainless-Steel Balconies

    We believe in subtlety here at MPR Metal Design, and that is exactly what we offer with our standard stainless-steel balconies. These balconies feature the perfect amount of detailing for maximum visual impact, while still maintaining a contemporary style that suits all properties.

    Glass Only Balconies

    Glass offers a wide range of properties and benefits, making it an ideal choice of material for balconies. Glass balconies provide the best views, as you aren’t impacted by solid materials, so you can enjoy the view from your property unimpeded. Glass balconies are tailor-made, and we can offer different fixing options and sizes to achieve a perfect fit.

    Juliette Balconies

    Juliette balconies are essentially a guard rail or balustrade, which protects a full height opening to prevent anyone from falling. While this isn’t a balcony you can step out onto, you can still lean on it to enjoy the views from your full height opening, and they are still a stunning addition to any property.

    Custom Designed Products

    Reliable Service

    Satisfied Customers

    Trusted Tradesman

    We Also Offer

    Here at MPR Metal Design, we offer a wide range of home improvements for Ringwood clients, not just balconies. Our expert team can also design, manufacture, and install a range of other products, too, including:


    Balustrades are essentially rows of small columns situated below a railing, and these are most often found on staircases and balconies. Their aim is to provide a barrier between a person and a long fall, ensuring their safety.

    We can create bespoke balustrades for both the interior and exterior of your property. From galvanised steel to stainless steel and decorative glass, we can work with a variety of materials.


    Handrails are essential for any staircase, as they provide a grip as you ascend or descend the stairs, ensuring your safety. We can design and install a variety of handrails in Ringwood, bespoke to your exact requirements.


    Gates are a great addition to any property as they help to enhance the security and privacy of your home. Here at MPR Metal Design, we can design, manufacture, and install a variety of gates, all bespoke to your exact needs.

    Your gates can be manufactured using stainless steel, mild steel, brass, and other materials, and we can include automatic operation if required.


    While hearing about our many products, including balconies, can be helpful, we understand that you might wish to see our work for yourself. This is why we have a dedicated gallery page, where you can see our workmanship from many previous projects. These images should convince you that we’re the premier Ringwood balcony company.


    If you require further convincing that we are the premier choice of Ringwood balcony company, head to our testimonials page. On here, you can read some of the many glowing reviews that we have received from previous clients, all of whom were left highly satisfied with our work. These reviews should provide all the reassurance you need that we are the leading team for balconies in Ringwood.

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    So, if you wish to invest in a stunning new balcony, you need look no further than our Ringwood balcony company – MPR Metal Design. Call us today on 01202 280813 to find out more. Alternatively, fill out our contact form or send an email to sales@mprmetaldesign.co.uk and we will respond shortly.