Stainless Steel Balconies Dorset

Are you looking to improve your view with Dorset stainless steel balconies? MPR Metal Designs Ltd are the go-to professionals in the industry and provide the finest stainless steel balconies Dorset has seen. Call us today on 01202 280813, and we’ll discuss your requirements and start your journey to a broader horizon.


Superior Stainless Steel Balconies in Dorset

Stainless Steel Balconies DorsetAt MPR Metal Designs Ltd, we boast an extensive product catalogue with a range of products that will leave you wanting all of them. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and strive to give you a personalised service, exceptional product quality and all for a very reasonable price.

Our stainless steel balconies Dorset are known for adding a touch of class to your home, giving your neighbours something to envy. The aesthetic allure of our craftsmanship and installation is second-to-none in the industry, and you won’t find better products for stainless steel balconies Dorset.

Not only will our stainless steel balconies Dorset elevate the external appeal of your home they will also last for a very long time. The stainless steel we use is of the highest quality because we won’t accept anything less than the best, and neither will you.

Thanks to its construction and material composition, our stainless steel balconies Dorset are very low maintenance and are able to keep their lustre for a long time. This will ensure it gives your home a bright and exclusive appearance for as long as possible.


The Material

Our Stainless Steel balconies in Dorset utilise, you guessed it, stainless steel. It’s known as Inox Steel, derived from the French word “Inoxyable.” This effectively means the steel can’t be oxidised like other ferrous (ferrous means it contains iron) materials, such as mild steel or wrought iron. This means it won’t rust and decay like other balcony materials, thanks to its high chromium content.

Much like Aluminium, also corrosion resistant, stainless steel balconies Dorset form a layer of metal oxide on the surface. This helps further prevent any corrosion and boosts the longevity of our outstanding Dorset stainless steel balconies.

On top of having exceptional visual and mechanical properties, our stainless steel balconies Dorset are good for the environment. Stainless steel is a commonly recycled material, so when it comes the time that you’d like a change of balcony the old one can be melted down and reused for something else.


Other Services from MPR Metal Designs Ltd

On top of providing first class stainless steel balconies Dorset, we also offer the following:

  • Balustrades
  • Hand Rails
  • Gates
  • Balconies – Glass and Juliette

Many of our designs and products use our prestigious stainless steel, which is fabricated using the most modern and efficient methods. This ensures flawless craftsmanship and therefore gives your home an impeccably tasteful addition. With the addition of decorative, but safe, glass we can achieve a quality look that will not leave you wanting.


Our Process

To start off the process for installing one of our stainless steel balconies Dorset, we will take you through the steps we follow to make sure it’s perfect.

The first step is ascertaining your requirements. This means if you’ve got a design or goal in mind, we will use your design ideas and goals to give you a bespoke finish. Our team will work with you on every step of the design process to make sure it’s right for you.

If you’re struggling with a design, or you’re not sure what you want, we can survey your home and suggest a few ideas that may take your fancy. We will incorporate your specific tastes and style into the design, so you’ll have a design which complements you personally. We can provide you with detailed design drawings so you can get an accurate picture of the finished product.

Next comes the planning, preparation and fabrication. In order to successfully and effectively install the balcony, your home will need to be prepared. Planning of the work schedule will also be worked around you, making sure we don’t cause unnecessary inconvenience when installing your new stainless steel balconies Dorset. The bespoke design will also need to be fabricated and purpose-built, just for you.

Our skilled and qualified tradespeople will then install your Dorset stainless steel balconies, no mess, and no fuss. Throughout the work, we’ll be on hand to assist you in any changes or adaptions you’d like to incorporate.

After the installation is complete, we offer aftercare solutions that will allow you to get the most out of our stainless steel balconies Dorset. This will help you maintain your balconies aesthetic presence, and keep you satisfied.


Why Choose Us

MPR Metal Designs Ltd has established a reputation for providing exceptional quality of work, as well as being a pleasure to work with. We have a long list of happy clients, who have increased our standing within the industry by spreading the word. Many of our new clients have come to us because a friend or family member recommended us.

Our work has been utilised by many clients, big and small. Perhaps our most extravagant work is the stainless steel fabrication of a wind tunnel used by one of the country’s top Formula 1 teams.

All of our tradespeople are fully qualified, carrying all necessary certification to complete your designs safely, skilfully and efficiently. MPR Metal Designs Ltd also holds £1M public liability insurance, so you know you’re in safe hands.

One happy client, Mrs Jenkins, Bournemouth, said “We were delighted by the friendly service provided by MPR from the initial contact to the finished job. The men working on our project were polite, conscientious and thorough. They kept working even through some inclement weather. Matt Robbins personally worked on-site at key stages and did a comprehensive review of the completed work in every detail.

The existing old installation was carefully removed, and the whole area made good. We were invited to review the fabrication work in progress at the MPR workshop to confirm the design. The end result of the work to install Juliet balconies at our home far exceeded our hopes.

We feel it has substantially improved the attractiveness of the house and surrounding area. We are happy to recommend MPR as a company to do business with, and prospective customers are welcome to come and review our installation.”

It’s true that hiring a new company can be a nail-biting process, but you can rest assured knowing that MPR Metal Designs Ltd are here to help you and give you 110%. If you’d like to read more happy customers’ comments, please see our testimonials.


Contact Us

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