Stainless Steel Fabrication Dorset

If you’re looking to have some amazing work done on your Dorset home, you only want the best working for you and that’s exactly what we offer at MPR Metal Design; affordable prices to suit everyone’s needs. Our facilities allow us to give you the best steel work in Dorset with our bespoke fabrication sheet metal work. While working with national building firms and smaller residential properties we have the number one team ready to complete any job no matter the size or complexity.

Stainless Steel Fabrication Process

Stainless steel fabrication is no easy process It all begins by determining the forming speed of the materials. The density of the steel is different to your normal steels, so the material is going to become sturdier although as a slower forming speed, making it an artform over a “quick job”. The next step is the cutting process, which can range from laser and water jet cutting to plasma cutting. Unlike other steel jobs, blade cutting is not recommended as the process causes too much additional heat, which will ruin the steel, wasting materials and resulting in having to start the steel fabrication process from scratch.

What Is Stainless Steel Fabrication Often Used For

Stainless steel fabrication is mainly popular in the food processing industry due to its sanitary nature unlike other materials. Due to its hygienic properties the stainless steel is also used in medical services and widely found within hospitals. It’s easily cleaned and easy to sanitise after examinations or operations.

Stainless steel is also popular in architectural projects due to its durable nature. It’s also integral within projects and used as screws, nuts, bolts, machinery parts, hospital equipment and so much more due to its moldable natural and being such a high strength material.





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    What Makes Our Stainless Steel Fabrication Dorset the Safest?

    All of our staff are fully trained and have completed numerous stainless steel fabrication jobs previously to ensure you get the best finish for any project you have in mind. All safety precautions are followed at all times and any machinery used is handled with care and used in the correct manner.

    All our staff who handle our stainless steel fabrication tools have the necessary safety wear, which covers and protects their neck and back at all times. Goggles and hard hats are mandatory whenever they’re in a workshop or building site where we’re working. Also, all staff carry out spot checks to ensure the equipment is all fully functional and fit for use, which includes tools and machinery.

    When it comes to stainless steel work, we understand that safety is paramount and that’s why we take every step possible to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

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    What Can We Offer?

    Stainless steel can be used for a whole number of things, which is why we’re proud to offer a range of services that can help anyone create their dream home. Our stainless steel Dorset company offers the best balconies, handrails, balustrades and gates on the market, customised to suit any home and any vision. We understand that everyone is different and that’s why we tailor our services to our client’s specifications.

    We offer a range of quality finishes and can give you any colour that you have in mind. With our tried and tested coating services available for all our customers. The methods we use are advanced and tested to make sure all our jobs have the most colour-durable finish and can be applied to any steel works you have in mind at the best affordable prices on the market to fit any budget.

    We make sure each stainless steel job has the personal touch our customers want, that’s why they come to us. We can mold, make and colour anything you can think of and we won’t let you down. Our Stainless Steel Fabrication Dorset has you covered, whatever you may desire.

    And all work is carried out by our highly skilled and fully accredited Dorset Stainless Steel specialists. As well as stainless steel, they can also design and fabricate other home improvements, such as:




    Glass-only Balconies

    Juliette Balconies

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    Don’t delay, contact the best stainless steel Dorset company today and have your dream created with ease. Our trained staff are on hand to help at every step of the way, making every step hassle free and easy to understand. Get in touch by giving us a call on 01202 280813 for expert advice and quotations in real time. If you want to drop us an email that’s an option, send a quick email to and someone will get back to you as soon as possible with all your questions answered.

    Still unsure? Take a look at our many customer reviews on our websites shouting about the top quality work that we’ve done. Our new customers often tell us that they were recommended by people we’ve worked with in the past and that’s what we like to hear, work with a company you can trust, work with us!