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Are you looking to invest in a balcony for your property? Have you been searching for specialists to design and install this new balcony for you? If so, look no further than MPR Metal Design, the premier Wareham balcony company. Call us today on 01202 280813 to find out more.

Our Balcony Company in Wareham

Balconies are a great addition to any home, as they provide a space for you to sit, relax, and enjoy the stunning views surrounding your home. When it comes to investing in a balcony, you will need to work with an expert team, which is where we come in at MPR Metal Design. We are the premier Wareham balcony company, able to design, fabricate, and install a high-quality, bespoke balcony.

Why Choose Us?

We are the go-to team for all types of balconies in Wareham. We specialise in creating custom designs for our clients, utilising steel welding and other expert skills to create stunning and bespoke balconies. Our team can work with all budgets, so regardless of your requirements, we can assist, installing the highest quality balcony.

Other Balconies We Offer at MPR

At MPR Metal Design, we aim to cater to all clients that require a balcony installation on their property. As such, we offer a variety of balcony styles, all of which are customisable, as we know that no two requests will be the same. Our balcony options include:





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    Standard Stainless-Steel Balconies

    Stainless-steel is second to none in terms of quality and value for money, making standard stainless-steel balconies a great choice. These are simplistic yet stylishly aesthetic, and we can fabricate a bespoke balcony design. These balconies are low-maintenance and highly durable.

    Glass Only Balconies

    Glass only balconies are ideal for those that wish to make their property more prestigious. The beauty of glass only balconies is that they provide an unobstructed view of the surroundings and allow ample natural light through. These balconies are easy to maintain and suit all types of properties.

    Juliette Balconies

    Juliette balconies differ from the above two options as these aren’t a balcony you can out on, but rather a guardrail to protect against an opening at height. Juliette balconies allow you to safely stand at the opening and take in the view around your property. We offer a range of Juliette balconies to suit any property and style.

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    We Also Offer

    While we are known for being a professional and experienced Wareham balcony company, we can offer more than just balconies at MPR Metal Design. In addition to the above balcony services, we can also offer a range of other products, including balustrades, handrails, and gates.


    Balustrades are rows of small columns that are situated below a railing, most often found on balconies and staircases. These columns provide a barrier between a person and a fall, ensuring their safety. At MPR Metal Design, we can design, fabricate, and install bespoke balustrades for clients in Wareham, for the interior and exterior of your property.


    Handrails are essential features on any staircase, as they provide a grip to hold onto as you navigate up or down the staircase, enhancing your safety. We can design, fabricate, and install bespoke handrails for your staircases, Wareham clients.


    We also offer bespoke gates to clients in Wareham, which are perfect for enhancing the privacy and security of your property. We offer a range of metal gates, and we can tailor these gates to your individual design specifications. Our metal gates can also come with automatic operation should you require it.


    While hearing about our extensive range of balconies can be helpful, we understand that you might wish to see some of our stunning products for yourself before reaching out. This is why we have a dedicated online gallery page, where you can see images from previous projects.

    These images showcase our exceptional workmanship and stunning results across a range of projects, including balcony installations, and should convince you that we’re the premier Wareham balcony company.


    Should you require further convincing that we are the premier Wareham balcony company, head to our testimonials page. On here, you can read some of the many glowing reviews that we have received from previous clients. These reviews should provide you with complete peace of mind in our services as the best balcony company in Wareham.

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    So, if you wish to invest in a bespoke balcony for your property, you need look no further than MPR Metal Design, the premier Wareham balcony company. Call us today on 01202 280813, fill out our contact form, or send an email to sales@mprmetaldesign.co.uk to find out more about our services.